Teens: Want To Succeed This Semester?

Did you make your “Mid-Semester Check-In”?

The excitement of the new school year has faded and Winter Break seems so far away. It is extremely important for students to stay motivated and positive so that they don’t fall into the “Mid-Semester Slump”.


One essential action step that you can take is to get an honest look at where you are in each class, identify what you want to achieve in each class, and outline the exact steps that need to be taken in order to accomplish what you want.Even if you currently have good grades, you must take a moment to reflect on how to maintain them.

If you’re serious about having a successful semester, then you must make a Mid-Semester Check-In. Here’s how:

  1. List every class that you have.
  2. List what grade you currently have in each class. Then next to it, list what grade you want in each of those classes.
  3. Then, list specific, concrete action steps that will help move you closer to the grade that you want.

The most important and most overlooked action step is to talk to your teachers about how you can improve in their class.

For many students, talking to their teachers and asking for feedback is outside of their comfort zone, so they choose not to do it. They only do action steps that they’re comfortable with.

Or students make assumptions that they already know what their teachers will say, so they don’t talk to them.

The reality is that making the effort to step outside of your comfort zone is what leads to learning and to growth.

If you make your “Mid-Semester Check-in” and create actions that push yourself out of your comfort zone, then you will certainly have a more successful semester and feel a lot more accomplished.

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