“Hayden changed the way I approached school, which changed the way I approached everything! He help me change my mindset which led to more confidence, better results in school, and better communication with my parents and teachers. ” -Blake, ALC Client, Class of 2012

“Since working with Hayden, my son is thriving. His grades are amazing — and the biggest gain is how he has learned to map out his time for himself for the things that make him happy and give him purpose, yet still fulfill his obligations.” -Mary, Parent of an ALC Client, Class of 2018

“This program has helped me a lot!  I learned a lot about myself, my learning styles and what kind of person I am.  The most useful thing of this program is the assumption chart.  I like it a lot because it reminds me not to think of the uncertainties in the future in a negative way; I realize that’s not useful at all.  I was kind of a pessimistic person before, but after I joined this program, I learned about ways to transform me to an optimistic person.  I like this program very much. I feel like I grew up a lot! I have the confidence to face life’s uncertainties!” -Matthew, ALC Client, Class of 2014

“Hayden has been an amazing coach and support system in my son’s life and in my own. I got to stop nagging and watch my son take ownership of his education.  Although Hayden reminded us, “It’s not about the grades, but giving your best effort,” I watched his grades and relationships with teachers improve week by week.  Most importantly, I got to see my son feeling good about his own hard work.  I am deeply grateful to Hayden for the beautiful work he did with my son.” -Michelle, Parent of an ALC Client, Class of 2015

“You need to see Hayden Lee! He will make your child feel comfortable and he/she will want to talk about issues about school and life. My daughter’s confidence has improved. She is speaking up, asking questions in the classroom, and sharing details with me.” – Tracey, Parent of an ALC Client, Class of 2016

“I can’t thank Hayden enough for the work that he does! He has given my son tools that have not only helped him improve in school, but will help him for life! The values and self confidence that Hayden instills in teens is a true gift.” – Lenore, Parent of an ALC Client, Class of 2015

“Hayden, I really appreciate this. Honestly, I think this is of huge benefit to teens beyond academics, to becoming the best versions of themselves.” – Maya, Parent of an ALC Client, Class of 2014

“Thanks so much for getting our son to sit back and really think about what is important in his life and how he has the ability to achieve better outcomes by making better decisions in all areas of his life. These skills will be useful to him the rest of his life.” -Bill, Parent of an ALC client, Class of 2013

“The program has positively influenced my study habits and has motivated me to take on challenges.” -Logan, ALC graduate, Class of 2013

“Hayden’s enthusiasm and positive outlook were contagious, serving to motivate my son through his tough AP classes and the college application process.” -Marian, Parent of an ALC client, Class of 2012


Wall Street Journal“Increases self-awareness…quickly assesses strengths and weaknesses.”
CNN“Teaches essential life skills.”
Associated Press“Life coaching for kids is not just about streamlining study habits or staying organized. It’s about young people taking control.”

 “Students who had a driving passion and a sense of their own leadership capacity made my day… I couldn’t wait to send them the acceptance packet that would make their dreams come true! …Teenagers who work one-to-one with an Academic Life Coach learn how to nurture the core values and passions that make them unique and empower them to seek out what they really want in life!” -Meghan Sellars, Former Asst. Dean of Admissions, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in affiliation w/ Tufts University



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