Do You Know the 3 Steps for Back-to-School Success?

Do you know the Recipe for Back to School Success?

Back to school is right around the corner! How you choose to start the school year can set the tone for the entire semester.

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Here are 3 Must-Do steps that all students must know in order to have more academic success and less stress.

It’s called the Recipe for Academic Success. All three steps must be done at the same time in order to get the most out of school.

Step #1: Know your learning style. Are you a visual, audio, or kinesthetic learner? You should know your preference and then study in ways that enhance your learning preference in addition to improving your weaker styles. When you study, it is an opportunity to study the way that works best for YOU. You have opportunity to make studying fun and not boring.

Take this Learning Styles Quiz to see your preferred learning style.

Step #2: Use your planner daily. You must have an easy and dependable system to keep track of your daily homework and schedule of meetings, tests, AND after-school activities. If you have “no homework” in a certain class, write “no homework” for that class in your planner to avoid confusion later if you forget.

I HIGHLY recommend  that all teens check out this planner from Order Out of Chaos. It is designed by a mom who couldn’t find a planner for her son that helped him “see” his chunks of time during the day in order to learn time management. I believe this planner is superior to any planner in stores or offered at schools. This planner is great because it has space to help teens plan their time after school while most planners just have teens list what they need to do, but it doesn’t help them schedule when to do it.

Click HERE to see the planner and use the promo code PLANNER 20 to save 20%

Step #3: Consistently talking to your teachers about what you can do better. In order to be successful, you MUST learn how to ask for help and you MUST learn how to take feedback. Instead of being scared of your teachers, you must realize that you’re both on the same team. You both want the same things, which is for YOU to learn and be successful in that class. If you’re serious about being more successful in your classes, you must learn to communicate with the person who is running the class.

So, what’s possible for you this fall if you implement all 3 steps in the Recipe for Academic Success?

Could you benefit from working with an Academic Life Coach to access your untapped potential?



Hayden Lee an ICF-accredited Certified Academic Life Coach and Teen Motivation Specialist. He offers specialized coaching for high school and college students who want to step it up, but don’t know how to get there.


Andrew Petrillo is an outstanding Academic Life Coach who is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Gonzaga University . In high school, he had an academic life coach who motivated him and helped him get into a competitive engineering program at his college. His coach also inspired him to complete the necessary training to become an Academic Life Coach.

Now, he coaches teens and college students to help them thrive in their academic settings and also in their personal wellness. He was invited to speak at the first Academic Life Coaching conference and gave a Ted talk on his experience.

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