Video: 3 Things Every Teen Needs to Know About Success

SuccessFailureWhat is “success” anyway? One simple dictionary definition states that success is “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.” This definition evokes images of shiny golden dollar signs, lavish mansions, and luxurious cars. Yes, those things sound nice, but this definition of success is outdated. In fact, believing that success will happen when you achieve something is holding many teenagers back from unlocking their true potential. Here are 3 things that every teen needs to know about success: Continue reading

Academic Success Coaching Group for Teens Starts March 23rd!

Academic Success Coaching Group for Teens starts Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Teens: End the school year on a strong, positive, confident note!

Academic Life Coaching for Teens

This interactive, fun, safe & collaborative group will increase self-awareness to make academic and personal success easier & less stressful. Certified Academic Life Coach, Hayden Lee will lead this 4-week group. Continue reading

What Do You LOVE To Do, and Why Do You Love Doing It?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let me ask you a question about “love”. What do you LOVE to valentines-day-hearts-1438015-2-mdo and why do you love doing it? Teens may readily be able to answer what they love to do, but answering the second part of the question may involve some self-reflection that they’re not used to. However, the “why” could hold the key to unlocking sustained positive motivation.  Continue reading

Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Working (And What Will)


At the heart of many teenagers’ academic struggles lie motivation and confidence. With a new year and new semester, many teens may be making New Year’s resolutions/ goals to “get better grades,” “study more,” or “be a better student.”

However, as an Academic Life Coach for teens, let me tell you that simply having a New Year’s Resolution or goal doesn’t work. Here’s why… Continue reading

VIDEO: Happy Holidays & Teen Mindset!

A huge THANK YOU and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all!

Thank you to each and every one of you for making my 2013 awesome! And here’s a toast to all of us for an even better 2014. I wish you and your loved ones an amazing holiday season!

As we celebrate the holidays and roll into the new year, please take the time to watch this short video below. What is your MINDSET? Did you know that there are two MINDSETS and one of them is more useful to achieving what you want? Which mindset do you have? Which mindset does your teenager have?

Continue reading

Back to School Success VIDEO

Let’s be proactive this year, not reactive! Being proactive means staying on top of your 3205089-female-student-with-other-students-in-classroomwork and communicating with your teachers on a regular basis. Being proactive is asking questions and solving problems as soon as they come up instead of ignoring them and putting them off. Being reactive is not taking any action until something bad happens as problems just get bigger. Here are 4 questions that can help you start off the year on the right track. Continue reading