Top 4 Reasons Teens Don’t Talk to Teachers

We all know that communication is key. Whether the relationship is professional, familial, romantic, platonic, or with a teacher, you must talk to the other person in the relationship in order to improve communication and make the relationship stronger. Having coached over 100 teens one-on-one, a common thread with all the students who I’ve worked with is that they want to improve or maintain their grades. StudentTeacher

In order to accomplish this, the most important person that you should be building a rapport with is the teacher. But oftentimes, that is the one person that you are avoiding.

Here are the top 4 reasons why teens don’t talk to their teachers…and what you can do about it! It boils down to the fact that you need to have more empathy (being able to understand the thoughts and feelings from the other person’s point-of-view) and to not make assumptions.  Continue reading

What’s Your Teen’s Relationship w/ RESISTANCE?

Oftentimes navigating the challenges of school can feel like a tug-o-war. There are times when it’s easy to pull the rope, and other times when it seems impossibly hard to make any progress toward your goals.

Girl ropeIt’s easy to stay motivated when you’re engaged, excited and learning a topic that you find interesting. However, what do you do when you encounter something that you don’t like? What is your default perspective when you’re asked to step outside of your comfort zone or when you experience something that you find extremely difficult? Do you shut down and lose interest? Do you get defensive? Or do you acknowledge the challenge and strive to learn, grow, and improve?  Continue reading

8 Secrets of Successful High School Students

It’s not a secret that high school can be challenging. Here are 8 “secret” tips that high school students can implement in order to have more success and less stress.

1. They choose to have a positive attitude. There are many factors about school that are out of a student’s control. Successful students learn to focus on what is in their controlHappy student and let go of what is not. They understand that they can’t control the fact that they’re in school, but they can choose to have a positive attitude about it. Our thoughts have a HUGE impact on our actions, and successful students know that thinking positively leads to more effective action.

Continue reading

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Back to School: The Mentality of a Successful Student

Success is all in your head.

If you want to have an awesome start to the school year and be able to sustain positivity, productivity, and motivation all year long, you must be able to control the way that you think.

Teens who are able to control their “Inner Critic” and emotions are much more likely to Thoughtsilhouettereach their true potential.

Here are three strategies that you can implement now in order build a stronger mindset that is conducive to successfully tackle not only the challenges of the academic year, but also any challenges that life throws your way! Continue reading

Teen Athletes: 3 Steps For Academic Success To Start This Summer!

TeenAthletesKnow a teen athlete? Whether it’s water polo, soccer, or tennis…teen athletes get a lot of value out of Academic Life Coaching because they already know what it’s like to work with a coach. Even if you’re not an athlete, all teens can benefit if they learn to approach school like a “sport.”

Summer is the perfect opportunity for teen athletes to reflect on how they want to be on their “A game” on the court and in the classroom! Here are 3 steps that teen athletes can practice this summer to make the most out of the next school year!  Continue reading

FREE 9-Part Video Series About Teen Success & Motivation

School’s ending, so now is the perfect time to reflect on what worked well this past year and what didn’t work so well. Join us by clicking the FREE video series below to help teens gain the tools to sustain motivation and positivity to make the next year the best one yet!

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