13 Teen Habits to Ditch in 2015! (Part 1)

Happy Student Peace Sign2014 is coming to a close. A new year and new school semester is just around the corner. I love this time of year because it gives teens the opportunity to reflect on what worked well and what didn’t work well.

Here are 13 common habits that teens routinely do that make success harder for themselves. Fortunately, for every “not useful” habit, there’s a useful one to replace it. Let’s ditch the “not useful” ones and work on the habits that will make success easier and less stressful in 2015!  Continue reading

Heard of Teen “Nature Deficiency Disorder”?  

I just got back from an amazing camping trip in Joshua Tree, CA. It was nice to get awayHayden Joshua Tree from the hectic lifestyle of the city. I must admit that the first half day of not having any cellphone coverage was tough, but the more I got used to it, the more I liked it. The weekend left me feeling relaxed. The serene natural views of the desert gave me time to reflect on the type of person that I want to be. As a result, I came back from my mini-vacation feeling recharged, motivated, and excited to get back to work.

I recently came across the fascinating article below from Los Angeles Teen Therapist Sandra Dupont, MFT discussing something called “Nature Deficiency Disorder” in teens. Could increased exposure to nature help our teens be happier and healthier, which could lead to increased motivation and productivity?

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5 Phrases Successful Students Never Say

Students laptopSuccess is a journey, not a destination. Success is a lot more about the process than the end result. Success is about identifying specific goals and making small, daily action steps toward what you want that eventually become useful habits. Having coached scores of teens, here are 5 phrases that I’ve heard countless times at the beginning of the coaching relationship that dissipate as teenagers start transforming into the confident, motivated, and successful student that they want want to become.  Continue reading

Got A Perfectionist Teen?

Got a perfectionist teen who wants to do well, but continually gets in his/her own way?Stressed guy

Many teens have good intentions and want to succeed, but may be too focused on the end product being perfect.  They become overwhelmed and may suffer from “Perfection Paralysis,” which is the procrastination that occurs as a result of focusing too much on the end result and not enough on the actual process of getting started. Continue reading

Got A Stubborn Teen?

Whether they want to admit it or not, all teens want to have academic and personal success. However, oftentimes they may get overwhelmed or feel so much pressure that Students in linethey don’t put in their full effort and say they don’t care.

The first step is for your teen to really take the time to identify what he or she wants MOST in his or her life. They rarely take the time to think of the bigger picture. However, it’s a fact that the more effort they put in their work now, the more opportunities it will be give them to have the awesome life that they want.  Continue reading

Additional FREE Parent Workshop Oct. 5th: Keeping Your Teens Motivated

FREE Parent Workshop Oct. 5th: Keeping Your Teens Motivated



With mid-semester progress reports coming out, this is the perfect time for parents toHayden Lee, ALC | Academic Life Coaching for Teens learn some empowering tips and tools to help their teens maintain or improve motivation & confidence in school.

Join certified Academic Life Coach, Hayden Lee as he leads this fun, interactive, and educational workshop that will cover:

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Recipe for Academic Success Workshop starts Oct. 5th!

Recipe for Academic Success Workshop
A mid-semester workshop for teenagers

Hayden Lee, ALC | Academic Life Coaching for Teens

Does your teen know the 3 steps in the Recipe for Academic Success?

Why wait until something goes wrong to take action?

Could your teen use a boost of motivation, energy, and confidence to end the semester strong?

October is the perfect time for students to re-visit their academic goals. It’s a great opportunity for teens to reflect on whether or not their thoughts, habits, and actions are useful or not useful toward achieving what they want.  Continue reading