Recipe for Academic Success Workshop starts Oct. 5th!

Recipe for Academic Success Workshop
A mid-semester workshop for teenagers

Hayden Lee, ALC | Academic Life Coaching for Teens

Does your teen know the 3 steps in the Recipe for Academic Success?

Why wait until something goes wrong to take action?

Could your teen use a boost of motivation, energy, and confidence to end the semester strong?

October is the perfect time for students to re-visit their academic goals. It’s a great opportunity for teens to reflect on whether or not their thoughts, habits, and actions are useful or not useful toward achieving what they want.  Continue reading

Get Unstuck by Changing Your Thoughts

I am thrilled that I recently got interviewed by the podcast UnStuckable! Logo2

UnStuckable is on a mission to find and learn the habits to get unstuck and become UnStuckable.

I caught their eye because they heard that MY mission is to help teenagers get “unstuck” in middle school and high school by empowering them with the tools to make academic and personal success easier and less stressful.


Every Teen Needs an Academic Coach (Guest post)

Hayden310TutorsAs an Academic Life Coach for teens, I strive to help my students become aware of their limiting beliefs, how they get in their own ways, and how they can bust through those limiting beliefs in order to move forward toward the lives that they want.

However, from time to time, even my own Inner Critic starts creeping into my head. It starts filling my mind with self-doubt. It says things like, “Am I really making an impact on teens?” “Do I really make a difference in other people’s lives?”

Last month, I came across this article written by Chris Fletcher, an editor for the Daily Herald in Columbia, Tennessee. I have never met or heard of this man and he’s never heard of me.

However, reading his article “Every Teen Needs an Academic Coach” reinforced why I love what I do. My passion for helping young adults is stronger than ever and his words helped kick my Inner Critic to the curb! I hope that you enjoy his article as much as I did. Thank you!

-Hayden Lee, Certified Academic Life Coach


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Parents: Got Friends? (FREE Program Download Below!)


Certified Life Coaching for Adults

In my continued effort this summer to give parents tips on restoring balance in their Wheel of Life, I am thrilled to share this awesome post below from my friend, Jamee Tenzer, PCC BCC. She is a Life and Executive Coach specializing in working mothers. Also, check out the FREE download below of one of Jamee’s programs! This post helps parents reflect on how balanced the “friends” wedge is on their Wheel of Life.
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