Teen Athletes: 3 Steps For Academic Success To Start This Summer!

TeenAthletesKnow a teen athlete? Whether it’s water polo, soccer, or tennis…teen athletes get a lot of value out of Academic Life Coaching because they already know what it’s like to work with a coach. Even if you’re not an athlete, all teens can benefit if they learn to approach school like a “sport.”

Summer is the perfect opportunity for teen athletes to reflect on how they want to be on their “A game” on the court and in the classroom! Here are 3 steps that teen athletes can practice this summer to make the most out of the next school year!  Continue reading

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School’s ending, so now is the perfect time to reflect on what worked well this past year and what didn’t work so well. Join us by clicking the FREE video series below to help teens gain the tools to sustain motivation and positivity to make the next year the best one yet!

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5 Essential Teen Tools to Surviving Finals

It’s the the end of the year! It’s finals time! Here are 5 Essential Teen Tools to Surviving Finals:

1. Take action. Identifying a clear goal and writing it down is the first step. How do you want the end of the year to go? Then ask yourself what change do you need to make in yourself in order to make that happen? Then, instead of just thinking about what to do and overanalyzing it, you must take action. TeensWalkingInHall

For example: My goal is that I want to end the year strongly by doing well on my finals. The change that I need to make in myself is to be proactive and communicate with my teachers exactly what I can do to improve in my classes. Continue reading

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I am extremely excited and proud to partner up with Independent College Counselor, Nick Soper of Creative College Prep to bring this awesome summer program for rising 12th graders who will be applying to colleges in the Fall. The college application process can be fun and fulfilling…IF you plan ahead and give yourself the gift of TIME. Join us and please share with any families who have a teen applying to colleges in the Fall! Thanks!

-Hayden Lee, Certified Academic Life Coach for Teenagers

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Does Your Teen Assume The WORST?!

Our thoughts have a huge impact on our actions.

Talk to any successful person from the Mark Zuckerbergs in the world to the happy high school student who manages to balance good grades with friends and family and you’ll find one thing in common: they choose to have an open-mind and a positive attitude.

Oftentimes, teens assume the worst about any new idea they encounter. They may be missing plenty of wonderful opportunities simply because they have already played out the scenario in their heads about why it won’t work instead of actually giving it a shot.

This video explains the Assumption Chart. It gives a visual representation of the process of how our assumptions impact our actions that lead to an eventual outcome. Continue reading

“What Kind Of Student Do I REALLY Want To Be?”

Does this sound like a teen you know? He says that he wants to be a good student, but what he is doing is totally not aligning with that. However, he is convinced that he is trying Hayden Lee, ALC | Academic Life Coaching for Teens to be a good student!

You may know a teen who says she wants to be one thing, but what she is doing is counterproductive to making it happen!

What can we do to help teens distinguish between what they think they’re doing, and what they’re really doing? Continue reading

6 Successful Behaviors Teens Can Do Now Before School Ends!

Girl Looks upWith 2015 in full swing, now is the perfect time for high school students to consciously implement these 6 behaviors to get the most out of the remainder of the school year!

1. Open Mindedness. It is critical for teens to not only take the time to reflect on what is currently working and not working, but it is just as important for them to be open minded to try new ideas. Being open-minded to learn new things will allow them to explore new possibilities and achieve more than they ever imagined.  Continue reading

13 Teen Habits to Ditch Now!

Here are 13 common habits that teens routinely do that make success harder for Teens Brick Wallthemselves. Fortunately, for every “not useful” habit, there’s a useful one to replace it. Let’s ditch the “not useful” ones and work on the habits that will make success easier and less stressful!

1. Procrastination and distractions. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, video games, staring at the wall…these are all activities that many students would rather be doing than starting their homework or studying ahead of time. Continue reading