Andrew Petrillo

My name is Andrew Petrillo and I am an Academic Life Coach. I am currently in my 4th year studying Mechanical Engineering at Gonzaga University.

In high school, I had an academic life coach who motivated me and helped me get into a competitive engineering program at my college. I was resistant at first because I thought that I was doing fine in school and that nothing was wrong. However, I finally agreed to the first session, and it was great! I learned that successful people have coaches not because anything is wrong, but because they want to fulfill more of their potential and learn ways to keep learning and growing. It was awesome to have a perspective other than my parents to talk about my goals and how to achieve them. Working with a coach actually improved communication with my parents and made life at school and home happier and less stressful!

I was so inspired by my high school coaching experience that I decided to complete the necessary training to become an Academic Life Coach.

Now, I coach teens and college students to help them thrive in their academic settings and also in their personal wellness. I was invited to speak at the first Academic Life Coaching conference and gave a Ted-like talk on my experience.

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