Get Motivated! Tackle Procrastination. Manage Time Management. Be Proactive!

Are you sick of arguing with your teen about school & grades?

Are you frustrated that your student is not living up to his/her potential?

Could your teen benefit from learning strategies and tools to improve time management, organization, and motivation? 

Do you want your student to be more proactive and take more ownership of his/her education?

Are you stressed out that your teen may not be learning the necessary skills to become successful in life?

Does your student want to succeed, but he/she keeps getting in his/her own way?

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 Welcome to Hayden Lee, ALC: Academic Life Coach for Teenagers

Helping young adults empower themselves with the life skills & self-awareness to navigate the challenges of middle school/high school/college by approaching their academic & personal lives with a sense of Purpose, Passion, and Fulfillment. Students will gain tools that will empower them to find solutions regarding:

- Stress about grades and school

– Motivation

– Frustration in relationships (particularly with parents and teachers)

– Personal leadership and confidence

– Anxiety about college and the college application process

“I’m really so thankful that I found Hayden. This program has been one of the best things that I have enrolled my daughter in.  To have these skills at such a young age is truly a gift!” -Beth, Parent of an ALC student, Class of 2018

Today’s young adults are under more academic demands and pressure to perform than any previous generation. While our job market and economy is in a revolution, it is imperative that young adults must know how to adapt to change, how to recover quickly when they don’t get the desired results, and how to critically solve problems using creativity and ingenuity.

“Hayden has been an amazing coach and support system in my son’s life and in my own. I got to stop nagging and watch my son take ownership of his education. Although Hayden reminded us, “it’s not about the grades but giving your best effort,” I watched his grades and relationships with teachers improve week by week. Most importantly, I got to see my son feeling good about his own hard work.  I am deeply grateful to Hayden for the beautiful work he did with my son.”
Michelle, Parent of an ALC Client, Class of 2015

My name is Hayden Lee and I’m a certified Academic Life Coach for teenagers. I am also a consultant for LA’s new Incubator School. I graduated cum laude from UC San Diego with degrees in Psychology and Theatre. I spent my third year of college studying abroad in Paris, France at the prestigious Sorbonne University. I’m also a professional public speaker (including speaking at TEDx events for youth), and a member of the International Coach Federation. I know first-hand what academic stress and pressure in high school feels like. I remember at one point in high school, I was balancing 6 AP classes, SAT scores, ACT scores, being an editor of the yearbook, writer for the school newspaper, and being president of various clubs. I was thrilled to graduate high school with a 4.2 GPA, but was still ranked 30th in my class! Yeah, that’s the kind of competition I was up against. (The 5 valedictorians were all tied with 4.8 GPAs). I worked as a peer counselor/mentor at UCSD and then worked as an SAT and college admissions essay tutor here in Los Angeles. However, it wasn’t until I became an Academic Life Coach that something finally clicked. Although grades and test scores may be important and necessary, I finally realized that it is just as important to have a sense of purpose and fulfillment while pursuing those endeavors.

“This program has helped me a lot!  I learned a lot about myself, my learning styles and what kind of person I am.  The most useful thing of this program is the assumption chart.  I like it a lot because it reminds me not to think of the uncertainties in the future in a negative way; I realize that’s not useful at all.  I was kind of a pessimistic person before, but after I joined this program, I learned about ways to transform me to an optimistic person.  I like this program very much. I feel like I grew up a lot! I have the confidence to face life’s uncertainties!” -Matthew, ALC Client, Class of 2014

Research shows as well as motivation specialist Daniel H. Pink in his book Drive, that we feel our best when do something that we believe in, do it well, and do it for a cause greater than ourselves. I call this purpose. Having a sense of purpose increases motivation and productivity while reducing stress! I am on a mission to empower young adults to achieve academic and personal success with a sense of Purpose, Passion, and Fulfillment. ( I call this PPF!)

“The program has positively influenced my study habits and has motivated me to take on challenges. I was already getting good grades, but Hayden helped me realize that I’m capable of so much more than I thought!” -Logan, ALC graduate, Class of 2013.


I invite you to take a look around my site and then set up an Initial Interview with me and your teen. They’ll gain value by learning more about Academic Life Coaching and have the opportunity to experience two or three of the concepts from the program.  To set up the Initial Interview, please contact me.

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